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Work Experience 

Television Experience 
Studio Coordinator - QVC                                                                                                                          4.2017 - present

- Help to create overall look for QVC shows.

- Set up and manage live television productions.

- Work with TV Host and Vendors to prepare live television shows.  

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Directing/AD Experience 
Director/Editor - GLTY "Reloaded" Nasty Recordz                                                                                                4.2018

- Direct a music video based on the song "Reloaded" by the artist GLTY

- Direct and coordinate a large cast and crew for a rehersial and big budget production. 

- Edit and Color Correct a completed music video from raw footage. 

1st Assistant Director - "Bandaged Heart"                                                                                                                 1.2017

- Run the set and make sure the shots get done in a timely manner. 

- Direct sets when the Director is acting.

1st Assistant Director - "I Can't Breathe" - Alpha Pangean Films                                                  10.2016 - 11.2016

- Create a shoot schedule and script breakdown

- Run the set and make sure the shots get done in a timely manner.

- Direct when the director is not present. 

 2nd Assistant Director/ 2nd 2nd AD - "How to get girls" - Glass Entertainment Group              7.2016 - 8.2016

- As 2nd AD Make the call sheets, sides and production reports. Help the PO prepare the next day.

- As 2nd 2nd AD, supervise the PA’s on set and make sure each department head has the thing they need.

Assistant Director - Covert Creative Group Inc.                                                                                8.2015 - 8.2016

- Go through scripts and prepare shots for the Director of Photography.

- Work with clients to make sure they are happy with the shots.

- Assist the Director and Direct sets when the Director is unavailable.

1st Assistant Director - "Mazurkas" Short Film                                                                                    3.2016 - 5.2016

- Keep the day moving and make adjustments to the shot list so that it can be completed in the time limits.

- Direct sets when the Director is acting.

2nd Assistant Director - "Guarding Grace" Short Film                                                                                        1.2016

- Make the call sheets for the shoot days.

- Assist the 1st AD on set and make sure all crew members have paper work signed.

Director/Editor/Special Effects - "King of Prussia" Pitch Trailer                                                           7.2015 - 8.2015

- Direct a pitch trailer for a TV series.

- Edit and compose special effects for the trailer.

Director - "Heroin" Feature Film                                                                                                         8.2014 - 10.2014

- Direct and manage the cast and crew of a feature film.

- Log and prepare footage for the editor.

Director/Editor/Special Effects - C.H.A.O.S "I'm Intelligent" music video                                                      4.2013

- Direct a music video based on the song “I’m Intelligent” performed by the Artist C.H.A.O.S.

- Edit and Create Special effects for the video.

Director/Editor - "Free to Breathe 5k National Walk" Live Event                                                                    11.2012

- Direct and manage a 16 member video production crew.

- Interview people at the event and observe that B-roll team has sufficient B-roll.

- Edit raw footage into a trailer, a promo and a short documentary. 

- Create a DVD with a working menu and special features.

Writer/Producer/Director/Editor - "A Normal Day" Short Film                                                    8.2012 - 12.2012

- Assemble and direct a cast and crew for a short film.

- Edit and special effects for the film. 

Director/Editor - "What Those Who Teach Can Do" Live Event                                                       4.2012 - 7.2012

- Direct and manage a 20 member video production crew

- Direct guests to their interviewers and observe that they are interviewed.

- Observe that B-roll team has sufficient B-roll

- Edit footage into a trailer and film and create a DVD.

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Editing/Special Effects Experience 
Special Effects Editor - "Star Wars Fan Film" Short Film                                                                 11.2015 - 1.2016

- Edit Light Saber and Laser effects for a Star Wars Fan Film.

Editor - "Let The Beat Control Your Body" Music Video                                                                                    3.2015

- Edit corrupted footage into a Dance Music Video

DP/Special Effects Editor - "Tie Your Shoes EZ" App Promo                                                          9.2013 - 12.2013

- Compose shots based on the script and shoot them efficiently

- Create and add in Special Effects to appropriate shots in the rough cut.

Composer/Editor - "Meatball Mania Promo " Web Promo                                                                                 8.2013

- Compose a web promo for a food catering company.

- Edit and create motion graphics for web promo. 

Composer/Editor - "Philly Lax Series - Dream Big Campaign" 30 Second TV spot                       7.2013 - 9.2013

- Compose two 30 second commercials for a youth lacross team.

- Edit Special Effects for both comercials 

Intern Editor - Lions Roar LLC.                                                                                                                1.2013 - 3.2013

- Converting DVD into QuickTime files.

- Editing segments into smaller segments for the website.

- Edit and create graphics for a live recorded event.

Intern Editor - Lower Marion Township Television                                                                        10.2011 - 12.2011

-Edited four PSA about Health Care.

- Log live TV shows.

- Create graphics.

- Responsible for green screen compositing.

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Additional Experience 
Wedding Videographer - "Mel and Eric's Wedding"                                                                                              1.2017

- Shoot Mel and Eric's wedding and reception.

- Help edit the footage into a finished video. 

PA for Impratical Jokers Stand Up - North South Productions                                                                          6.2016

- Go on runs for the production team and stage crew.

- Help out production team during live event. 

Camera Operator - Skotleski Productions                                                                                                              1.2016

- Operate one of the cameras during a live multi-camera event. (crowd cam).

- Help set up and break down the equipment for the event.

Grip - "Zeros" Feature Film                                                                                                                                     10.2015

- Unload the production truck and set up equipment for the shots.

- Assist the Key Grip and Best Boy where ever needed.

Production Assistant - Covert Creative Group Inc.                                                                              8.2013 - 7.2015

- Set up and adjust lighting on set for the subject matter.

- Slate and log all of the shots.

- Assist the Director and Assistant Director on set.

2nd Assistant Camera - "Seguro" Film Pitch Trailer                                                                                          10.2015

- Slate and log all shots.

- Assist the first Assistant Camera with setting up the camera and lenses.

Partime Contracted Videographer - Devereux                                                                                      3.2013 - 5.2013

- Shoot quarterly meetings when they occur.

- Edit and compose graphics for the meetings. 

Videography Skills

Professional Skills 

Technical Skills/ Software

- Producing

- Directing 

- Cinematography

- Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

- Audio Recording

​- Interviewing

- Editing 

- Special Effects Editing 

- Motion Graphics

- Script Writing

- Organized

- Resourceful

- Adaptable

- Efficent

- Supportive

​- Highly professional

- Dedicated

- Considerate 

- Focused

- Persistant

- DSLR Cameras

- Mac and PC

- Arri Lighting Kits

- Microsoft Office

- Final Cut Pro

- Avid

- Adobe After Effects

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe Premiere Pro

- Adobe Encore

- Celtx

- Final Draft

- Adobe Acrobat

- Avid


B.S. Digital Film and Video Production                                                            2010 - 2013

- Deans List

- Founder and President of Video Production Club


A.A, Communications                                                                                            2008 - 2010

- Deans List

- Wong Moss Scholar

- Horatio Alger Association - Franklin Scholar (2008)