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I started working at QVC in 2017. It's a great place to work with countless opportunities. I have meet many big names, worked with many different company representatives and even got the opportunity to model once. QVC is awesome and I will always treasure my times and experiences there. 


In the Year 2018 I worked on a music video for the very talented artist GLTY under the label Nasty Recordz. We did a lot of interesting shot and used many locations around Philadelphia. I had a lot of fun working with them and I look forward to the next video. 

I Can't Breathe
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I can't breathe is an independent short film that I worked on as the 1st Assistant Director on. This was a hard project to manage, but we got everything done in a timely manner. I met an amazing cast and an amazing crew and I look forward to working with them all again.  

How to Get Girls

How to get Girls was an independent feature film that I worked on as 2nd AD and Then I swicthed to 2nd 2nd AD to help more on set with everything. The days on set were very long, but I really enjoyed myself! I also met many amazing cast and crew members. I cannot wait for the premiere or the opportunity to see everyone again! 


Mazurkas was an independent short film that I was the 1st AD on. I met some great crew and I had a lot of fun working on this film. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with the Actor/Director, Marty Krzywonos. A link will be added as soon as the film becomes available. In 2018 Mazurkas received an award for best music score at the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards

Guarding Grace
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Guarding Grace was a short film that I worked on as a 2nd AD in January 2016. It was a great opportunity and an even better experience. A link will be added as soon as the film becomes availible. 

New Years Eve Shoot

This was on new years of 2016. It was a live multi-cam religious broadcast. I was the crowd camera for this shoot. I also had the opportunity to work along side one of my former college professors, Craig DoVideo. A fun experience. 

Star War Fan Film

This was a light saber fight scene for a Star Wars fan film that I added all of the special effects to. The effects that I added include; Light Saber, Laser beams, Force Pushes, Robotic Eyes, and Blurs. A link will be added as soon as the film becomes availible. 


Zeroes was a union feature film I worked on around Holloween 2015. I was in the grip department. I had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing people. A link will be added when the trailer becomes available. 

King of Prussia

This shoot was for a pitch trailer for the upcoming TV series King of Prussia. I was the Director, Editor and Specal Effects Compser for the shoot. Dew to Non-Disclosure Agreements, that is all I'm allowed to say. 


Heroin is a low budget Independent feature film that I directed during summer 2014. We were a very small crew, but we did not not let that stop us from getting it done. This was both the most difficult and most rewarding experience that I've had in my entire career up to this point. However, I loved every minute of it and if given the opportunity I would love to do it again. In the year 2018 Heroin won an award for best Actor at the Independent Film Awards.