© Copyright 2016 by Ryan Sellers.

Editing/VFX Reel

This is my Editing Reel. It also showcases some of my special effects skills. 


"A Normal Day" is a short film that I wrote, produced, directed, edited and created most of the special effects for. The film is about a normal girl who is bored until her brother gives her a package containing something very secret and very deadly. Now she has to fight for her life against the CIA. This is a trailer but the full film can be viewed on the home page. 

"I'm Intelligent"

This is a music video performed by C.H.A.O.S. The song is called "I'm Intelligent". The lyrics were written by Chaos and the music is from the 2 Chainz song, "I'm Different." All credits for the music goes to 2 Chainz, and his record label. I produced, directed, edited and did the special effects. All cinematography was done by Marc Kaniper.

Dream Big Campaign

This is a series of Youth Lacross Team Commercials. The one on the left is a web promo and the one on the right is a 30 second TV spot that aired on local stations in the fall of 2013. I composed, edited, and did the special effects for both of them.

Free To Breathe 2012

The PA Lung Cancer Partnership presents this 5K run to spread lung cancer awarness. This was a great race and a great turnout. This event featured many special guest such as 6ABC's Nayda Han, NBC 10's Denice Nikano, The La'salle Cheerleaders, Owl-Cappella, a Giant Rooster and even Spiderman.